The Company

We are an international Brazilian company that uses our real estate market intelligence to prospect for opportunities to acquire land with high appreciation potential. For nearly three generations we have been specialized in unlocking land values by developing real estates projects and structuring financial operations.


We provide
your success


For nearly 3 generations, our group offers the following services

Project developments & finance

  • Industrial Complex
  • Logistics Centers
  • Built to Suit
  • Fuel Distribution Center
  • Residencial Property
  • Shopping Center ou Comercial Property

Structured Financial Operations

  • Financial Guarantee
  • Insurance and Contracts Guarantee
  • Dation in Payment
  • Capital Increase and Rating Upgrade
  • Renegotiation and Payment of Debts
  • Private Equity
  • Issuance of Debênture and Real Estate Receivables Certificates
  • Real Estate Investment Funds


Alameda Salvador, n 1057, Edifício Salvador Shopping Business, sala 1911, Caminho dos Árvores, CEP: 41820-790 - Salvador/Bahia/Brasil, Tel: 071 3032-9700

Rua Leoplodo C. Magalhães Jr., 758 - 11 andar 04542-000 São Paulo - SP Brasil, Tel: 011 2505-9184

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